It’s okay to be selfish sometimes #SelfcareSunday

It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Yes it’s okay. Self-care is for a healthy mind and soul. Ultimately, your mental and physical health should come first. Not all types of selfishness are negative. According to Dr. Bono on Psychology Today, there’s good, neutral and bad selfishness. Bad selfishness refers to actions that harm both the victim and the selfish person, eg exploiting others and stealing. … Continue reading It’s okay to be selfish sometimes #SelfcareSunday

#SelfcareSunday in the hygge spirit ✨

Hello hyggers, I started ‘eat yourself hygge’ on Instagram simply because it is my favourite social media. But there is a word limit, especially on topics that I would really like to write about, eg. #SelfcareSunday. So this week’s #SelfcareSunday is all about how to self-care and have a hyggelig time☀️! Wake up to your favourite drink in the morning Hygge is the soft, warm … Continue reading #SelfcareSunday in the hygge spirit ✨