Best Greek gyros in Grilla, Liverpool (40% off for takeaway😉)

Gyros is a Greek sandwich made of marinated meat wrapped in pita bread along with salad. I much prefer it over kebab or tacos ☺️ Simply because of the combination of citrus, paprika and yoghurt inside a flatbread can bring so much happiness and satisfaction! 😋  Besides, the meat is traditionally cooked in a rotisserie for hours, doesn’t feel unhealthy at all! 😂 📍Leece Street/Hardman Street … Continue reading Best Greek gyros in Grilla, Liverpool (40% off for takeaway😉)

Favourite cafe in Liverpool: Rococo Coffee House! ☕️

Oh yes, I’m a coffee lover! ☕️ A huge one! Probably can’t function without my morning coffee haha. Not just the quality of the coffee, I also prefer cafes with quirky and cozy designs. Rococo ticks all the boxes! It has lots of different chairs, sofas, tables, and rooms. It feels like home. A strong hygge vibe! I’ve been many times and finally I’ve made myself … Continue reading Favourite cafe in Liverpool: Rococo Coffee House! ☕️

Cozy Club review

Surprise surprise, it gives off a vibe of coziness and quirkiness! If you’re around the city centre, make sure you check it out. I’ve been to two of their branches – Bath & Liverpool. Their interior were mostly similar, but the Bath one had terrace seating 😊 Frames on the walls, quirky chandeliers and vibrant colours! Tapas 💰3 for £11.95 Salt & Pepper Squid with … Continue reading Cozy Club review

Traditional Italian restaurant in Liverpool review: Casa Italia🇮🇹

Located near the Met Quarter, Casa Italia has been one of the longest-serving restaurants in Liverpool, probably the oldest Italian restaurant in Liverpool. Italian food is definitely one of my top 5 favourite cuisines. A few weeks ago, a close family friend and my family went to visit! They don’t take reservations, so the queue starts to get long at around dinner time. We arrived … Continue reading Traditional Italian restaurant in Liverpool review: Casa Italia🇮🇹

The Fazenda experience (Liverpool)

For all the meat freaks out there! 🐂🐄🐖🐏🐓 Fazenda has been rated as one of the top 20 restaurants in Liverpool on a number of websites. It’s unlimited grilled meat in Brazilian style. Yes – unlimited meat. 😏It’s got over 15 kinds of meat at dinner service, and 8 kinds of meat during lunch service. 💰£18.50 for lunch; £31.20 for dinner 📍Exchange square, Liverpool I’m … Continue reading The Fazenda experience (Liverpool)

Lunch at Elif, Liverpool

Liverpool has been my home for 7 years now. There’s always new restaurants in town, especially on Bold Street. One thing I will miss about Liverpool is that it has so many independent food places instead of chained restaurants😊. One of my recent favourites is Elif. It’s a Turkish BBQ restaurant with cozy sitting and an open barbecue. In England, there isn’t much great barbecue … Continue reading Lunch at Elif, Liverpool