Favourite cafe in Liverpool: Rococo Coffee House! ☕️

Oh yes, I’m a coffee lover! ☕️ A huge one! Probably can’t function without my morning coffee haha. Not just the quality of the coffee, I also prefer cafes with quirky and cozy designs. Rococo ticks all the boxes! It has lots of different chairs, sofas, tables, and rooms. It feels like home. A strong hygge vibe! I’ve been many times and finally I’ve made myself … Continue reading Favourite cafe in Liverpool: Rococo Coffee House! ☕️

#SelfcareSunday in the hygge spirit ✨

Hello hyggers, I started ‘eat yourself hygge’ on Instagram simply because it is my favourite social media. But there is a word limit, especially on topics that I would really like to write about, eg. #SelfcareSunday. So this week’s #SelfcareSunday is all about how to self-care and have a hyggelig time☀️! Wake up to your favourite drink in the morning Hygge is the soft, warm … Continue reading #SelfcareSunday in the hygge spirit ✨