Best Greek gyros in Grilla, Liverpool (40% off for takeaway😉)

Gyros is a Greek sandwich made of marinated meat wrapped in pita bread along with salad. I much prefer it over kebab or tacos ☺️ Simply because of the combination of citrus, paprika and yoghurt inside a flatbread can bring so much happiness and satisfaction! 😋  Besides, the meat is traditionally cooked in a rotisserie for hours, doesn’t feel unhealthy at all! 😂

📍Leece Street/Hardman Street
Close to Liverpool Uni, 50% off for students takeaway!! 😍


Fresh and minimal interior decoration, it’s filled with green pots with (fake) plants every corner! Gives off a cozy and relaxing vibe – romantic yet family-friendly!


Vegetable soup (soup of the day) (v) 🌟8/10 💰2 courses for £8.80 

✔️Big portion with vegetable bits! It tasted fresh with lots of ingredients 😊
⛔️A bit less salt would make this a perfect dish!
PS. the pink/white tote bag contained the house’s homemade bread, but I personally did not like them 😕

Creamy garlic mushrooms (v) 🌟9/10 g3✔️Again, big portion! Cream was well-flavoured and mushrooms were nicely cooked.
⛔️Feels like there’s something missing to tie the dish together – perhaps some herbs or cheese 😋


**Skepasti for two 🌟10/10 💰£12.80g5

new💯We chose to feature both pork and chicken wrapped in pitta bread, mixed with bbq sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and Greek yoghurt sauce 😍 Firstly, the skin of meat was crispy yet the meat was so tender and soft. Then, the bread has to be heated after the meat was cooked so that it won’t turn soggy. Yet, the toasted bread, tender meat and the juicy salad worked so so so well!☺️😇

Secondly, the fries were very different to the ones we were used to. It seemed like they used a different type of oil or a different cooking method to fry them. They didn’t taste fresh (ones that were really chunky or made with lots of potatoes), yet they were very crispy. I couldn’t quite figure out how they made their fries but it’s oddly tasty! 😅new2

We also ordered pitta gyros for one to compare with the skepasti. If you have a big appetite or if you’re sharing between two or a group, go for the skepasti! Pitta gyros for one was filled with more salad and less meat; the bread was thinner so that it was more fragile and messy when holding up to eat.

🌟Food quality: 10/10
🌟Atmosphere: 10/10
🌟Service: 10/10
🌟Value for money: 10/10

Overall, the meat here was spot on! If you like the combination of yoghurt and meat (or just Greek food in general), be sure to visit Grilla!!! Don’t forget there’s 40% off for takeaway and 50% off for students to take away 😊 I think it’s the perfect restaurant for dates!💛

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