Favourite cafe in Liverpool: Rococo Coffee House! ☕️

Oh yes, I’m a coffee lover! ☕️ A huge one! Probably can’t function without my morning coffee haha.

Not just the quality of the coffee, I also prefer cafes with quirky and cozy designs. Rococo ticks all the boxes! It has lots of different chairs, sofas, tables, and rooms. It feels like home. A strong hygge vibe!

I’ve been many times and finally I’ve made myself to write about it here today! I highly recommend it to anyone in Liverpool, or visiting Liverpool, if you’d like to make a change from chained cafes. Or if you’re like me, you like visiting independent cafes which are uniquely designed. 🦄

**Tuna & Cheese panini (v) 🌟10/10 💰£4.45


First off, their wide range of paninis will catch your eye once you’ve managed to climb up those stairs! This time, I’ve chosen to feature their tuna and cheese. I mean, just look at the evil cheese 😈

IMG_7473💯It’s grilled perfectly – warm and lovely! Perhaps the down side was that it made me keep wanting more and more 😂 Next time I’ll have 2 paninis all to myself!

Baileys hot chocolate 🌟8/10 💰£4.20 for medium

IMG_7072IMG_7074✔️Strong flavours of Baileys; highly recommend for those who want some subtle alcohol during the day 😂
⛔️Compared to the normal hot chocolate, this was a lot less sweet and a lot less chotolatey😞 Perhaps not for those with sweet tooth!

Peach Iced Tea 💰£2.95

IMG_7081This was my friend’s order but I can’t resist to take a photo of it because the orange teapot was just SO cute ☺️!!

Orange drizzle 🌟6.5/10 💰£3.50

✔️Full of orange zest; not too sweet!
⛔️Sponge was perhaps too dry and too dense 😞

Chocolate traybake with Maltesers 🌟8/10 💰£2 (can’t remember exactly🙈)

IMG_7080✔️Lots of chocolates😍 fudgy and crunchy at the same time!
⛔️bake was perhaps too thin 😕 white chocolate drizzle made it a bit too sweet!


Apart from their infamous paninis, they have breakfast and lunch available, such as salad, sandwiches, wraps, doorstep toasts, and jacket potato etc. There’s water with mint or orange available for free refills as well! If you fancy visiting a cafe in Liverpool, be sure to check out Rococo. I can guarantee that you’ll fall in love with it – the brick walls, the chairs, the sofas, the high chairs, the food, the atmosphere, the random piano… just everything!

PS. they have a loyalty card scheme 😉

🌟Food quality: 9/10
🌟Service: 10/10
🌟Value for money: 8/10
🌟Atmosphere: 10/10

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