Cozy Club review

Surprise surprise, it gives off a vibe of coziness and quirkiness! If you’re around the city centre, make sure you check it out. I’ve been to two of their branches – Bath & Liverpool. Their interior were mostly similar, but the Bath one had terrace seating 😊

Frames on the walls, quirky chandeliers and vibrant colours!

💰3 for £11.95


Salt & Pepper Squid with Lobster Mayo 🌟8/10IMG_6403✔️Light batter, crunchy and tender! Suitable for seafood lover 😃
⛔️Lobster mayo was a disappointment – not much flavour and a bit sour! 😔

Goat Cheese & Spinach Croquettes 🌟6/10 (Left)
Pulled Chicken & Chorizo 🌟5/10 (Right)


✔️Croquettes were average, nothing special! Pulled chicken comes with potatoes.
⛔️Pulled chicken wasn’t juicy enough, slightly dry. Chorizo were cut into very small bits so I couldn’t taste them very well.

*Pork Belly Squares 🌟9/10

IMG_7192✔️Served with bbq glaze, it’s tender and cooked perfectly! They were large pieces, so it’s perfect for sharing 😋 Highly recommend for meat lovers!
⛔️it’s pork belly, so the fat is inevitable 😞

Garlic King Prawns 🌟8/10IMG_7193

✔️Flavour was delicious! Garlic prawns never go wrong 😊
⛔️There was only 3 in the pot 😕

BBQ chicken wings 🌟8/10IMG_7194✔️Juicy, lots of sauce and lots of wings in this cute mug 😃
⛔️sauce got a bit too much (too much vinegar) at the end!


**Cozy Club Sandwich 🌟10/10 💰8.95

IMG_7189IMG_7204✔️Triple layer with buttermilk chicken, bacon, lettuce and chipotle mayo 😋 I’m always cautious that some sandwiches would be served dry but this was layered perfectly! Lots of veg, yet lots of chicken! Chicken was fried, seasoned and flavoured really well! Highly recommend!!! So filling 😝

**Cozy Club Breakfast 🌟9.5/10 💰£8.25

IMG_7198.JPG✔️Brunch is served until 6pm; perfect for late-risers (like me!) 😝 It has beans, potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, egg, bacon, sausages and egg. Beans were served in a little cute pot, so the toasts wouldn’t be all soaked when served. If you can’t decide, just go for the brunch menu 😊
⛔️Poached egg was too well done! Maybe better luck next time 😕


**Iced coffee 🌟10/10 💰£3.35

✔️Perfect summer drink! Loving the gradient and the background as well 😍 Bonus rating for not loaded with syrup 😅

Latte 🌟9/10 💰£2.65

IMG_7188✔️Oh the classic latte; finishing this perfect meal with the good old latte!


Majority of the photos were taken from the Liverpool branch. I really liked their blue tables, perfect for my photos haha. I think Cozy Club has become my go-to restaurant whenever I’m around town while can’t decide what to eat! It just gives off that chilled vibe once you’re in ☺️ Next time, I’d definitely try the affogato and some desserts! 💛✨

🌟Food quality: 10/10

🌟Atmosphere: 10/10

🌟Service: 8/10

🌟Value for money: 8/10


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