The Scallop Shell, Bath

This post is for all fish and seafood lovers! After closing for refurbishment for months, it has its door open again recently! In non-coastal area in England, there aren’t many popular restaurant serving fresh seafood. It was much to my surprise that there is a seafood restaurant in this small town. I especially love the design of furniture in here. Painted with vibrant colours, the … Continue reading The Scallop Shell, Bath

Best Greek gyros in Grilla, Liverpool (40% off for takeaway😉)

Gyros is a Greek sandwich made of marinated meat wrapped in pita bread along with salad. I much prefer it over kebab or tacos ☺️ Simply because of the combination of citrus, paprika and yoghurt inside a flatbread can bring so much happiness and satisfaction! 😋  Besides, the meat is traditionally cooked in a rotisserie for hours, doesn’t feel unhealthy at all! 😂 📍Leece Street/Hardman Street … Continue reading Best Greek gyros in Grilla, Liverpool (40% off for takeaway😉)

Favourite cafe in Liverpool: Rococo Coffee House! ☕️

Oh yes, I’m a coffee lover! ☕️ A huge one! Probably can’t function without my morning coffee haha. Not just the quality of the coffee, I also prefer cafes with quirky and cozy designs. Rococo ticks all the boxes! It has lots of different chairs, sofas, tables, and rooms. It feels like home. A strong hygge vibe! I’ve been many times and finally I’ve made myself … Continue reading Favourite cafe in Liverpool: Rococo Coffee House! ☕️

It’s okay to be selfish sometimes #SelfcareSunday

It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Yes it’s okay. Self-care is for a healthy mind and soul. Ultimately, your mental and physical health should come first. Not all types of selfishness are negative. According to Dr. Bono on Psychology Today, there’s good, neutral and bad selfishness. Bad selfishness refers to actions that harm both the victim and the selfish person, eg exploiting others and stealing. … Continue reading It’s okay to be selfish sometimes #SelfcareSunday

Cozy Club review

Surprise surprise, it gives off a vibe of coziness and quirkiness! If you’re around the city centre, make sure you check it out. I’ve been to two of their branches – Bath & Liverpool. Their interior were mostly similar, but the Bath one had terrace seating 😊 Frames on the walls, quirky chandeliers and vibrant colours! Tapas 💰3 for £11.95 Salt & Pepper Squid with … Continue reading Cozy Club review