Traditional Italian restaurant in Liverpool review: Casa Italia🇮🇹

Located near the Met Quarter, Casa Italia has been one of the longest-serving restaurants in Liverpool, probably the oldest Italian restaurant in Liverpool. Italian food is definitely one of my top 5 favourite cuisines. A few weeks ago, a close family friend and my family went to visit! They don’t take reservations, so the queue starts to get long at around dinner time. We arrived at 7pm and waited for about 20mins.

📍Stanley Street, Liverpool L1

The decoration is very Italian – red & white grid table cloth and wooden chairs. With other customers chatting and laughing in the background, it’s just like you’ve entered a local restaurant in Italy!

Main course

Tortellini Italiana 🌟 7/10 💰£8.75
(Sorry about the lighting of the photos! The restaurant had dimmed yellow light, just like local restaurants in Italy!)


✔️Meat-filled tortellini with bolognese and mozzarella. We ordered two of these and couldn’t even finish them! They were fresh out of the oven, so they were really hot! It was very filling with lots of cheese.

⛔️However, I’m not a big fan of tortellini, so it got a bit too heavy for me as I continued to eat.

Pesto penne 🌟8/10 💰£7.80


✔️Using fresh herbs and in-house pine nuts, it’s not too oily and not too salty (trust me, I’ve had really oily pesto sauce before!). I’m definitely a pesto lover!😋

⛔️But a bit less oil and more herbs would’ve been perfect!IMG_6228

*Salmon & prawn tagliatelle 🌟9/10 💰£8.75


✔️Lots of salmon! The cream sauce was really good  – well-balanced salt and flour. I’d recommend this to all fish lover!☺️

⛔️Cream was slightly too heavy at the bottom (or maybe we just ordered too much!😋)IMG_6230

We’ve also had salted caramel brownie as a dessert but I forgot to take photos, oops! I wouldn’t recommend having desserts here, as it’s mainly for Italian main course. The brownie didn’t look home-made and the salted caramel was disappointing!

Overall, service and atmosphere were average. I’d like to try some pizzas next time. But if it’s a typical restaurant in Italy that you’re looking for, look no further!!🇮🇹

🌟Service: 7/10
🌟Atmosphere: 8/10
🌟Value for money: 10/10
🌟Food quality: 7/10

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