The Fazenda experience (Liverpool)

For all the meat freaks out there! 🐂🐄🐖🐏🐓

Fazenda has been rated as one of the top 20 restaurants in Liverpool on a number of websites. It’s unlimited grilled meat in Brazilian style. Yes – unlimited meat. 😏It’s got over 15 kinds of meat at dinner service, and 8 kinds of meat during lunch service.
💰£18.50 for lunch; £31.20 for dinner
📍Exchange square, Liverpool

I’m lucky enough to visit Fazenda again this year. This time, my family was celebrating that I’ve graduated from university! Fazenda offers rump steak, sirloin, fillet steak, pork belly, lamb and many more. My favourites are lamb and sirloin!🤤 for a light meat eater, their buffet includes side dishes such as customised salad, cheese board, chorizo and sushi etc. To my surprise, their sushi is actually pretty good for a non-Japanese restaurant! Okay, let see some photos!

Side dishes

These are some mini cheese balls that were presented when we sat down. They’ve got it right – telling their customers what their food standard is straight away!

This side dish was AMAZING. It’s sweet peppers stuffed with soft cheese and herbs.

Main course
The waiters bring the meat over, slice it in front of you according to your preference and put it straight on your plate!
This is sirloin steak. Really tender and cooked perfectly. You can point to which area of the meat you’d like and how you’d like it. For example, this was the side of the grill and cooked medium-rare.

When you’re taking a break on the meats, try the grilled pineapple🍍. Warm and juicy 😊

I’ve tried another Brazilian meat buffet in Liverpool, Bem Brazil, but it’s a lot worse than Fazenda. Although it’s £10 cheaper, their meats were very salty and heavily spiced. I remember that I only ate a few pieces and I couldn’t take anymore. So if you’re a meat eater in Liverpool, make sure you check out Fazenda!! 😊😊

🌟Food quality: 8/10
🌟Atmosphere: 10/10
🌟service: 10/10
🌟Value for money: 7/10

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