#SelfcareSunday in the hygge spirit ✨

Hello hyggers,

I started ‘eat yourself hygge’ on Instagram simply because it is my favourite social media. But there is a word limit, especially on topics that I would really like to write about, eg. #SelfcareSunday. So this week’s #SelfcareSunday is all about how to self-care and have a hyggelig time☀️!

  1. Wake up to your favourite drink in the morning

    Hygge is the soft, warm feeling of peace of mind.

    For me, a hot drink in the morning contains coziness. Don’t rush it like you do on Monday to Friday mornings. This is Sunday. Slow down, take your time.

  2. Make some brunch/breakfast🍽 for your loved ones 💛
    IMG_6969Hygge is about togetherness, whether it’s with family or friends. As a foodie, bringing bringing hygge to the table is vital for me. Today, I made brunch for my brother and I – featuring his favourite sunshine eggs🥚 and maple syrup, and my favourite pasta🍝 and apple sausages. For me, it’s about homemade food, especially making food for my loved ones. It tugs my heartstrings and brings warmness to my heart!
  3. Get your nails done 💅🏻
    IMG_6963Whether you’re getting your nails done by professionals or by yourself, I’m sure most girls love putting a layer of polish after a layer of polish. Adding colours to your nails is just SO satisfying.  Yellow is my favourite colour and daisy is my favourite flower! Isn’t it so cute? 😊Self-care is doing something that nourishes you. Something you love doing that is relaxing. It’s the little things you do to treat yourself, treat your body, treat your mind and soul.
    FullSizeRender 2

Here’s my self-care routine today. Everyone’s routine is different; there’s no definite set. Taking good care of yourself isn’t a one-time deal. It improves your physical and mental wellbeing. It makes you happy🌼, especially when life get a little bit hard. So start today and have a hyggelig time! ☕️✨


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