Traditional Italian restaurant in Liverpool review: Casa Italia🇮🇹

Located near the Met Quarter, Casa Italia has been one of the longest-serving restaurants in Liverpool, probably the oldest Italian restaurant in Liverpool. Italian food is definitely one of my top 5 favourite cuisines. A few weeks ago, a close family friend and my family went to visit! They don’t take reservations, so the queue starts to get long at around dinner time. We arrived … Continue reading Traditional Italian restaurant in Liverpool review: Casa Italia🇮🇹

The Fazenda experience (Liverpool)

For all the meat freaks out there! 🐂🐄🐖🐏🐓 Fazenda has been rated as one of the top 20 restaurants in Liverpool on a number of websites. It’s unlimited grilled meat in Brazilian style. Yes – unlimited meat. 😏It’s got over 15 kinds of meat at dinner service, and 8 kinds of meat during lunch service. 💰£18.50 for lunch; £31.20 for dinner 📍Exchange square, Liverpool I’m … Continue reading The Fazenda experience (Liverpool)

#SelfcareSunday in the hygge spirit ✨

Hello hyggers, I started ‘eat yourself hygge’ on Instagram simply because it is my favourite social media. But there is a word limit, especially on topics that I would really like to write about, eg. #SelfcareSunday. So this week’s #SelfcareSunday is all about how to self-care and have a hyggelig time☀️! Wake up to your favourite drink in the morning Hygge is the soft, warm … Continue reading #SelfcareSunday in the hygge spirit ✨

Lunch at Elif, Liverpool

Liverpool has been my home for 7 years now. There’s always new restaurants in town, especially on Bold Street. One thing I will miss about Liverpool is that it has so many independent food places instead of chained restaurants😊. One of my recent favourites is Elif. It’s a Turkish BBQ restaurant with cozy sitting and an open barbecue. In England, there isn’t much great barbecue … Continue reading Lunch at Elif, Liverpool

The BEST custard buns in Birmingham

Whenever I travel to Birmingham, Asian cuisine is a must-try! On Monday, my family and I went to Birmingham to visit a family friend. I have been missing home food a lot recently, so my brother and a family friend decided that we were going for dim sum. Happy days! Ken Ho restaurant, Hurst Street First impression of this local restaurant was that it is … Continue reading The BEST custard buns in Birmingham

Birmingham Grand Central

I used to travel to Birmingham twice or three times a year to visit a close family friend. So the redevelopment of Birmingham New Street Station was a major excitement for me! Previously connected to the Bullring, now it has a brand new concourse with over 60 stores in clothing, food, home and beauty services etc. Of course, having restaurants in the station means that … Continue reading Birmingham Grand Central

Eat Yourself Hygge

Hello! This is my first ever blog post and I’m SO excited after receiving positive feedback on Instagram! I’m still working on the layout of the blog, so bare with me. But first, let me explain the concept behind this. Hygge (pronounced HUE-gah) is a Danish word describing a feeling of togetherness, indulgence, and comfort, that can’t be directly translated in English. The closest word … Continue reading Eat Yourself Hygge